Tips For Shopping At Revolve On A Budget

revolve cardigan

Today, I wanted to talk about Revolve. I know for a lot of you readers, clicking into their site can leave you bug-eyed. Trust me sista, it did me, too! 

According to my analytics, 80% of your annual income aligns with mine, and those prices can be SCARY! Let the can be resonate with you though, because I’m going to tell you about the three ways I shop with Revolve and completely avoid the monthly account statement scaries! 

revolve cardigan


A le duh. No rocket science here. The first purchase I made from Revolve was with sweaters back in March. I purchased 9 sweaters for a little under $500.00. Bear with me, I fully realize that sounds steep, I’m going somewhere with this. 

In all of my shopping years, once I was having to spend my own money, I was tooth and nail looking for the cheapest option I could find. Nothing wrong with that by any means, I still, and always will,  love a good steal! Guess what, no brainer again, I no longer have any of those pieces.

I placed my order on a credit card, with full intention to return. Honestly, I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about. 

Out of 9 sweaters, I returned only 1 because it didn’t fit. Keep in mind, all of these brands were completely new to me, my only sizing reference was purely from the reviews on their site. 


These were the thickest, heaviest, most well-made pieces I’d ever tried on. In a brick and mortar, I’d have never even tried them on. I know my price range, and full-priced, I simply can’t justify it. Are they worth the regular retail price? Without a doubt. But if you’re reading this, full price may simply not fit into your budget. Again, doesn’t fit into mine either!

While checking their “sale” tab, narrow it down by past season. For instance, search sweaters in March, and try for dresses in October. A few of my past posts with Revolve purchases are here, here, here, and here

2. Afterpay

Another great service that Revolve offers (alongside a lot of great retailers!) is Afterpay. Afterpay is a service that allows you to split your purchase amount between 4 equal payments. The first payment is due at the time of purchase, and bi-weekly for the next 3 payments. They charge zero interest as long as your payments are made on time. I have my account set up on autopay to insure that I’ll never miss a payment. You get a credit decision within seconds and your items ship just as they would if you paid in full right then. Pretty genius, right?

3. A Few budget friendly brands at revolve

Revolve offers a few brands that I love that keep their prices under $100.00 without sacrificing the great quality that I spoke about above. I’ll link a few of my favorites by Superdown, Line & Dot, and JACK by BB Dakota in the widgets below. 


Line & Dot

JACK by BB Dakota

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