Mustard Oversized Sweater

marigold oversized sweater

marigold oversized sweater

steve madden greece sandal

Good morning, y’all! Is everyone having a good week so far? Mine has been crazy! Today is my birthday, and in addition to family stuff to celebrate that, it’s Sustainer Fashion Show week!!! My job with that it to recruit the models and place them with boutiques, so I’ve had to do a lot of go-between and fittings. Needless to say, I’ve had quite a bit of coffee and wine these past couple of weeks! And B is traveling, so I’m basically a single mom for a couple more days. I try not to complain too much though, the Fashion Show is my favorite GSG event of the year and our local boutiques have been total gems! If you’re local and don’t have any Sunday Funday plans, come spend it with us!

I hope y’all aren’t tired of my Revolve sweaters. I did a poll on IG if anyone wanted a haul video, and 97% said yes, but I’m bad and never got around to it. See the above paragraph lol. Those things take a bit of time!

I bought this sweater in mustard (seen above) and olive. When I pulled it out of the packaging, I was unsure because of how big it looked and how heavy it was! Even when I first put it on, I felt it was a bit overpowering, does that make since? I stood in the mirror in 10 different angles and ultimately felt more myself letting it just hang. Maybe that speaks to where I am personally, but I think it speaks more to my style.

I’ve always been drawn to effortless. Even sloppy.

I remember being in a bar in my early 20’s. I had on tights under these cute plaid shorts, heels, a tank and a blazer, and a newsboy hat. I was totally feeling myself, y’all! Even though confidence is key, I couldn’t quit looking at the girl in the slouchy, ill-fitting jeans with the sweater that was clearly years old and her dirty, messy top knot. I just kept thinking how she didn’t try at all, that she didn’t give a shit. It was just uncomplicated, easy, and so natural. That girl had style. I wanted so badly to be that girl.

I thought about that girl for years. Much as I stood in the mirror trying to decide whether to keep this sweater or return. I said fuck it, cut the tags, and put it in my travel tub for this shoot.

I had no plans for styling, only knew I needed a third look. I threw this together with what I had in my tub on location. There aren’t many pictures in this post because I went through this shoot with a miserable “Whatever, this is good enough” attitude. And that was disappointing, because I’d tried to quit accepting good enough.

I’ve blogged on and off since 2013, consistently since August 2018. This is my most liked outfit, my most clicked post, and my most purchased look. I could look at it as a slap in the face because of how much goes into styling a look, or I could look at it like “I did it. I’m that girl in the bar”.

I’m not that girl in the bar, though. I’m me. And I’ve always been her, I just got caught up in what I should be, and I ignored what I’d always been.

For those of you wondering, I really regret my new eyebrows 🙂 They’re starting to itch and I so badly want to scrub them off!

Photography by Ryan Sherrod

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