Holiday 2019 Gift Guides & Ideas

I wasn’t going to put any gift guides together this year, as I wasn’t really sure if people utilized them or not. In the past, I’ve purchased a few things from seeing them in gift guides, but didn’t really know if a majority did or not. I posted a poll on Instagram asking y’all and 67% said yes!

In lieu of spamming you with ideas, I figured a good approach would be to share with you the things I personally own and love, things I’ve bought or am gifting my daughter, and what’s on my Christmas list this year. Hope this posts helps y’all!

gift guide for her

  1. Key Chain Ring Bracelet, Amazon, $10.99 My friend has one of these and while at the beach, I was thinking, “That’s way to Sweet 16 for me”. But then, as the week progressed, I changed my tune. It was so flipping convenient! Hauling luggage, wrangling kids, or just running into the gas station real quick, toss it on your wrist and you’re good to go. I ordered one on our 4th day there and love it! Also, it makes your keys harder to get lost in your bag!
  2. Slip Silk Pillowcase, Pottery Barn, $85.00– Crazy expensive for a pillowcase, no doubt. It was definitely a splurge, and one that took me almost 3 years to commit to. I’ve been sleeping on this pillowcase for a little over 2 months now and I can tell a difference in my hair and face! I can go about 2 days longer between washes and my curls stay intact, only needing minor touchups on day 2. For me, that makes it priceless! I loathe doing my hair!
  3. Tula Discovery Kit, Ulta, $52.00– Tula products have consumed my IG feed for a few years now, and I finally gave in and tried the face wash (post here). After about a week, I saw what all of the fuss was about, so I went back and got the discovery kit so I could try more products. I’m not one to purchase full-size products to try, so this was perfect for me. After about another week, I put my kit away for travel, cancelled my Rodan & Fields, and purchased the full sizes. Tula has been the only brand of product on my face since May.
  4. Erin Condren Life Planner, Erin Condren, $55.00– After noticing a lot of my fellow ladies in GSG and GG use these planners, I went online to dive in. Without a doubt, the price shocked me, but after taking to Google and finding a 20% off code, I finally hit “add to cart”. I personalized mine from layout to spiral binding color, and for me, I’ve been 100% happy with it! It came with additional stickers and gift labels, too! I will say, at AC’s age, those gift label stickers have really became an unexpected blessing! For birthday parties, we use a white mailing envelope and insert cash, add a gift label sticker, and we’re done! I’ve since ordered more twice! No more running to the store last minute for a card!
  5. Capri Blue Volcano Candle, Anthropologie, $30.00– Without a doubt, my favorite candle. I’ve purchased them for AC’s teachers, my friends and family, and usually three at a time for myself. The fragrance starts to fill the room instantly and I mean, who can’t smell an Anthropologie store from the parking lot? This is their signature scent!
  6. Capri Blue Volcano Diffuser Oil, Anthropologie, $20.00– I purchased my first diffuser during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I was so excited to give it a whirl that I ran out to Ulta and bought oils to diffuse. Not. Impressed. At. All. The scent didn’t go beyond my bar stool and to say that disappointed me was an understatement. I then purchased these and instantly, from my kitchen to my laundry room I could smell them! So good!
  7. J. Crew Crystal Cluster Ring, Zappos, $39.50– I’m not a big jewelry person, but the pieces that I do own and love are all J. Crew. I thought this ring was different and fun, and so I purchased it. I’ll tell you, I wear it way more than I thought I would! From the simplest, everyday outfits to cocktail parties, you can always find it on my hand.
  8. Fake Bake Flawless Darker, Ulta, $32.00– The only self-tanner I use! After trying multiples throughout the years, this is by far the best I’ve used. I’m currently on my third!
  9. JORD Cassia Watch, Wood Watches, $199.00– After partnering with them over the Summer (post here), I knew I wanted to include them in my gift guide. Extremely high quality, truly universal pieces. I really enjoy having such a different, so to speak, piece of jewelry on my arm.
  10. Hobo Lauren Wallet, Nordstrom, $138.00– I find it hard to find words for the perfection that is this wallet. I first discovered it several years ago when my friend Stephanie had a camel colored one. We were on our way to a waxing appointment and she had it sitting in her open console and I just kept petting it. Weird, yes, but it’s so freaking smooth! I added it to my Christmas list 3 (?) years ago, and I swear, I will never carry another type of wallet! A friend of mine always helps B wrap my gifts, and after wrapping this one, asked her then boyfriend for one as well! They’re contagious, y’all! There’s literally a spot for everything!
  11. Sugarfina Cocktail Gummies, Sugarfina, $8.95-$20.00– Infused with vintage Dom, if you have the smallest of a sweet tooth (like me!) then you’ll love these! Because of the price, I eat very few at a time, just enough to satisfy that random something sweet craving. I’ve only had the champagne ones, but am ordering the Tito’s ones for myself for Christmas!
  12. Ugg Alena Slippers, Bloomingdales, $120.00– B calls these my “elf” shoes, and I suppose he isn’t entirely wrong, but I wear these around the house year ’round. And occasionally to the gas station. I live in Alabama, judgement is slim and I have no shame. They fit TTS and come in sizes 5-11, whole sizes only. If you already own Uggs, go with your same size.
  13. R+CO Rodeo Star, Neiman Marcus, $30.00– This stuff (in combination with #14) has been a total game changer for me. I posted an ‘ole tried and true over the Summer, but since purchasing this in August, I don’t think I’ll ever look back! If you’re local, The Moxie Salon has it!
  14. R+CO Balloon Spray, Neiman Marcus, $32.00– See #13.
  15. BEIS The Cosmetic Case, Revolve, $58.00¬†And boy, is it ever the cosmetic case! I’ve had the same makeup case for 10 years, purchased at the semi-annual VS sale. I loved it, still do, but all of these years later, it’s almost embarrassingly filthy. I only like cosmetic cases that are fairly large and have a handle/strap, and after searching for a new one, I fell in love with the color of this one and just went with it. Zero regrets! If Blue isn’t your thing, they’re available in 10 different colors/options here.
  16. Hobo Linn Cardholder, Shoptiques, $74.00– I purchased this last Summer for crossbodies. Not that the Lauren won’t fit, but this is easier for concerts, football games, etc. I toss my license, debit card, credit card, and a little cash in for when I know I’ll be limited on space and it works perfect for travel! AC and I went to Charleston for Spring Break this year and it was a pain, literally, exploring with my arm weighed down with a bag and a wallet full of change. I ordered this after to simplify things when I know I’ll be on foot. I don’t get the most use out of it, as I prefer my Lauren for everyday, but it definitely serves it’s purpose and I love having it on hand.


tween holiday gift guide

  1. Teleties, Aerie, $7.95– These have became AC and I’s favorite hair ties! They don’t crease my hair like a regular rubber band does and she likes to stack them on her wrist, too!
  2. Pura Vida 3-pack Bracelets, Zappos, $35.00– Kind of aligning with Teleties, it’s became such a trend to stack your wrist. AC has gotten really in to necklaces and bracelets lately and I’m excited to add these to her stocking this year!
  3. Ugg Classic Mini ll, Nordstrom, $139.95– So AC has became obsessed with Very Cavallari (Kristin, to be exact) and since she has the short Uggs, AC simply can’t wear her classics anymore. Good news, though, we wear the same size shoe now, so it’s pretty much a gift for me, too. Ha!
  4. iScream Wireless Earbuds, Nordstrom, $24.00– This is a great alternative to those super pricy AirPods!
  5. Pura Vida Wave Ring, Zappos, $12.00– Added this ring to AC’s stocking last year and she’s worn it nearly everyday! I think it makes them feel like a big girl to have a ring!
  6. Ray-Ban Junior, Nordstrom, $83.00– I’d normally never spend this much on sunglasses for a child, but mine takes super good care of her things, always has. If your’s doesn’t, here is a great alternative from Amazon for only $9.99.
  7. Vans Classic Checker Slip-Ons, Nordstrom, $49.95– AC lives in these, as I’m sure most of your tweens do, too. She has the classic black and white, and we’re getting her the light pink and white for Christmas.
  8. Windpro Umbrella in Snow Leopard, Nordstrom, $28.00– AC’s umbrella is about 5 years old and barely covers her anymore. Since she’s getting older, we thought it appropriate to get her a “grown up” one. I know an umbrella doesn’t necessarily scream Christmas gift, but it’s just a little something we’re tossing in.
  9. B.P. High Pile Fleece Slumber Bag, Nordstrom, $49.49– Slumber parties! Do your tweens attend as many as ours does? She always needs a sleeping bag and she hates carrying B’s. Apparently, it’s a man’s sleeping bag and it’s embarrassing. Whatever. Anyway, she’s getting her own this year.
  10. Hershel Supply Co. Duffle Bag, Nordstrom, $69.99– While it breaks my heart, AC refuses to wear Matilda Jane anymore. Why mention that? Because her travel bag is Matilda Jane and she’s recently started foot-stomping having to carry it. We bought her the matching backpack to this duffle this year for school, so when I saw the duffle was price- matched, I ordered it on the spot!
  11. Personalized iPad Smartcase, Etsy, $17.69– Again, sleepovers. When you have 9 little girls with iPads everywhere, how easy would the be to differentiate with a custom case?! For under $20.00, I feel it’s a no-brainer. You can add a full name, initial, or monogram!
  12. Hydro Flask, Tillys, $42.99– While she ain’t conned me into a $43.00 water bottle, she has managed to do so with someone else, so it’s under the tree.
  13. B.P. 5-pack Scrunchies, Nordstrom, $15.00– One word: VSCO. BTW, are y’all aware that it’s no longer an app, it’s a movement? ‘Ya know, from the 90’s. She won’t believe me though, so if y’all see her, remind her that we’re the real OG’s!
  14. Lexon Power Bank, Nordstrom, $24.99– My child presses buttons so much her phone is always just living on a prayer. Or 1%, same thing. ¬†Since we have the same cloud, we have the same app’s and account logins. Guess whose phone comes up missing and nearly dead on the regular? Mine. Homegirls getting a portable power bank for Christmas. Possibly sooner. Ha!
  15. Selfie Ring Light, Amazon, $8.99– Do you have a Tik Tok queen like I do? She’ll love this!!!
  16. Lexon Bluetooth Speaker, Nordstrom, $49.90– Another thing she’s getting so she’ll quit helping herself to mine. I use mine nearly daily. It stays in the kitchen and I swear it assists me in cleaning. ‘Ya know, until I can’t find it and then it turns up battery low in her room.
  17. Hunter Short Socks, Nordstrom, $40.00– These socks really are so warm! Personally, I wasn’t a fan of the comfort level of Hunter’s (1/10), but she loves them, so I passed mine down. Getting her these socks for Christmas to jazz a plain black rain boot up a little.

  1. Alure 3-barrel Waver, Amazon, $29.99– This seems to be a current-day version of a crimper and I’m here for it! With that said, it took me nearly a month to master a curling wand, so I’m not totally sure the luck I’ll have with this. Nonetheless, I’m more than excited to try it!
  2. Skin Gym Jade Facial Trio, Nordstrom, $49.00– Ladies have been going on and on about Jade rollers for forever, but honestly, I never even cared to try. Looks like the Barbie-sized version of the thing my momma used to roll out biscuits with. Just sayin’. HOWEVER, my friend Teila swears and swears by that guitar pick looking thing (Gua Sha). Says it helps with wrinkles and aging, so I’m totally treating myself to this set!
  3. Pore Vacuum, Amazon, $25.99– My friend Shalon messaged me about this nifty little thing the other day. I’ve no shame in stating that I find Dr. Pimple Popper’s YouTube channel absolutely mesmerizing and I cannot wait to get this sucker (pun intended) stuck to my face.
  4. Loeffler Randal Penny Knot Mule, Revolve, $395.00– I talked about wanting these in this post, and that hasn’t changed the least little bit.
  5. Slip Silk Scrunchies, Saks Fifth Avenue, $39.00– Seems steep for scrunchies, I’ll not disagree. But apparently they’re so good for the longevity of a hairstyle and also help add volume to your pony. I’m married to my pillowcase, so I’m buying these in good faith!
  6. Sweater Shaver, Amazon, $25.98– I first saw this nifty little gadget on instagram last year and knew I needed it. In true Jaime fashion, I forgot about it. I saw a review post of it on Insta Stories last week and added it to my wish list. Google it! It removes all of the sweater pills without harming the garment. Genius!
  7. Magic Chef Retro Mini Fridge, Amazon, $175.48– I need a way to house my seltzers in the Shoffett and I simply can’t think of a better way to do so. I mean, how effing cute is this vintage inspired mini fridge?!? BEYOND!
  8. Jord Cora Polaris Watch, Jord, $350.00– As I mentioned above, I partnered with Jord on their Summer campaign and own and love my Cassia watch. I’ve continued to be in awe of their brand and am on the edge of my seat hoping that B gifts me this Cora watch. I can’t quit thinking and obsessing over that turquoise!!!
  9. Sorel Snow Boots, Neiman Marcus, $200.00– I ordered the Sorel waterproof bootie over the Summer and they’re as comfortable as a good sneaker. These snow boots are so freaking cute with that faux fur detail and I can’t wait to beg B to buy me a $200.00 pair of snow boots when we live in Alabama and rarely get snow! Ha!
  10. Mercer41 Harrison Desk, Wayfair, $319.99– I’ve spent months searching for the perfect desk for the Shoffett and I finally found it! I wanted something very modern, yet glam as well. I was so glad I didn’t purchase that extremely expensive lucite one when I saw this!
  11. Sigma 35mm 1.4f Art Lens, Best Buy, $649.99– I’ve needed to upgrade my current lens for some time now, and 9/10 people I’ve asked recommendations from have said the Sigma lens cannot be beat. I’m still torn on whether to upgrade my camera instead, but I’ll need a lens for a new one regardless so it makes sense to start with that anyway.
  12. Nespresso Machine, Bloomingdales, $499.99– I need a fancy $500.00 coffee maker like I need another pair of shoes, but I digress.
  13. Instant Pot, Target, $99.95– I’ve been thinking of purchasing an Instant Pot for a while now. After talking to a few gals at the last GSG rummage sale, they convinced me to go for it. One even said she literally cooks every meal out of it! I live for the ease of my crockpot, so even if this doesn’t end up under my tree, I’ve every intention of purchasing it for myself.
  14. Goyard Saint Louis GM Tote, $1,425.00– Where to begin? I’m 100% certain that this bag will not be under my tree, but a girl can dream, right? I originally wanted the LV, but with nearly every woman in America+ having one, I changed my tune. Not that this tote isn’t popular, it is, but it isn’t where I live. You can fin them preowned online, but the price difference is only $100-$200, so I’d rather have the satisfaction of buying a new one. You can only purchase Goyard in their stores. Sadly for me, the closest store to me is 12 hours away in Dallas:( Think I might can convince my friend Tara to hop down the road and ship me one?


Would y’all want a men’s guide? To be quite honest, I’m not sure how much help I would be to y’all in that category? B is such an outdoorsman and hates having much spent on him. His list is usually anything he needs replaced in the hunting and fishing realm. I could come up with a very lengthy list of things that I wish he was into? HA!

Have a fabulous Monday, y’all! My countdown to Chicken & Dressing and SALES has officially began!

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