A $24 Amazon Striped Sweater

colorful striped sweater amazon
amazon striped sweater
tory burch tote
colorful striped amazon sweater
amazon prime sweater

I hope y’all aren’t tiring of my Amazon sweater posts? They’ve literally allowed me to double my purchases while still being able to remain within my budget! Since shopping is kind of what I do here at Bottle no. 5, my life (and savings) have been on the up and up lately! I mean, I’ve got braces to pay for people! Ha!

If you follow a lot of style bloggers, I’m sure you’ve noticed that there’s been an influx of Amazon on their blogs and Instagrams. No, we don’t get some whopping commission from them, but their things aren’t only affordable, they carry a massive stock of each item, making them less likely to sell out before we share them. I touched on the frustrations of that happening in this post.¬†

This¬†colorful striped sweater is not only just $24.00, but it comes in 4 different color variations and is available in sizes S-XL. It fits a forgiving TTS. If you’re not big on a slightly oversized fit, I suggest sizing down. Another thing worth mentioning is that it’s a boxier style sweater. A lot of people don’t like that, and I’d hate for you to purchase and be disappointed.

I’m wearing my true size, so I can’t speak to the option of sizing up to make it wearable with leggings. I’m afraid with this cut, it may just get wider, although, as I said, I can’t speak to that 100%. That is just my experience with this cut of top. Regardless, with free shipping and free returns, you have nothing to lose.¬†

I paired it with these black jeans for a fun Fall vibe, but it’ll look great with white jeans or cutoffs next Spring! If you live in Alabama, or any other deep Southern state for that matter, you know how hard it is to find a versatile sweater! This one is thin enough for the start of the only two finicky seasons we have, Summer and Winter!


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