The Find| 1.3

The Find | 1.3

With B gone for the week and AC spending the weekend with her grandparents, I ran out of ways to productively entertain myself after I grew bored with Facebook stalking laundry so I took to Hulu and a bottle of red and one thing led to another which led to 3 order conformation emails.

Let’s start with Steve Madden. I’ve been wanting these OTK boots and these gladiator sandals for forever, so I feel like my saving nearly $1100.00 by purchasing dupes (boots here, gladiators here) totally justified the first stop on the drunken shopping express.

Moving on to J. Crew Factory. Why I felt like I needed another gingham oxford is beyond me but the faire isle sweater was too cute to pass up and I have and love the coral version of the mint sweater I bought and you know the saying, “If the shoe fits, buy it in every color.”, and so I did. Well, the colors they had my size in anyway.

Francesca’s. I’m not big on clutches but I am big on wine and olive green. The wine colored clutch was only like $12.00 and the olive green one was around $30ish so I figured why the hell not. Honestly though, I think I’ll actually get a lot of use out of them.

Both Old Navy floppy hats were purchased 2 days beforehand, in- store, sober.

So basically, a $14.00 bottle(s) of wine wound up costing me about $380.00 BUT saved me $1200.00. That’s how I plan on spinning this to B anyways since I told him I’d try to start doing a better job of adulting (definition of adulting: saving more/spending less, watching the road while I drive and to immediately stop hiding the clean clothes under the bed so I don’t have to fold them). And I’m still not sure how I got caught doing that last part.



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