The Edit|For The Home| February 2016

The February Edit



With B and I now settled in, I’ve found myself browsing the home sections more frequently than the shoe departments, so I decided to make the February Edit all about the home! I briefly talked before about marrying my bachelorette pad with his bachelor pad and how tough I thought it would be, but it’s turned out to be quite the opposite. Ive enjoyed questioning my decor decisions and it’s helped me to think outside of my box a bit.

Most men honestly don’t care what you hang on the walls or what paint color you use. Well, B is not most men. B cares. B cares a lot. And I hate it. But, after pitching multiple fits about his opinion (his opinions are wrong), I decided that caving in defeat was not an option and quickly developed a new approach: I would have to learn to “work smarter, not harder”. And by that I mean bringing things home while he’s at work. *Tip- If you yell “SURPRISE!!!” when they walk in the door, they don’t get mad because clearly you were very proud of what you did! Thats whats worked for me so far. And I’m planning on using it again when I order that pink chaise lounge. Our living room furniture is an ashy gray color, so the blush pillow covers are going to look great against it with the mushroom colored pillows I previously purchased. The coffee table and aztec rug will help to pull the whole Glam meets Eclectic/ Boho vibe I’m going for. After all, I’m all about compromise. If it compromises in my favor.

Now, let’s talk wallpaper. It’s scary and you better be married to it because that shit is like herpes. You’re stuck with it for life. I’m not kidding y’all, I lost 6 months of my life trying to remove golf ball border. With that being said, I have an accent wall in my hallway bath that would look great in this wallpaper. The color scheme is grey with splashes of gilded gold and has a large vase of artificial pink peonies. I was reluctant about wallpaper in the bathroom because of shower steam, but the shower is barely used so I think it will be ok. Anyone have any experience with this?

Moving on to the bedroom. B stole his comforter from the closest Motel 6 to where The Hills Have Eyes was filmed. He swears he didn’t, but I’m sure of it. If I didn’t think posting a picture of it would break the internet, I’d prove it to y’all.

I love the linen bedding set above. I searched for months to find one because the one I had my heart set on at Zara Home was sold out, but this one is nearly identical.  The bed pictured above is the West Elm Alexa bed and as soon as I saw it I had to have it! Then I saw the price tag, and after all of the remodel cost, it just didn’t fit in the budget right now. I guess it’s meant to be though because (insert drum roll please) we went to B’s brothers house one night and there sat a nearly identical one. That he had made! It wasn’t the right size, but $400.00 later he’s making us a king! What a steal!!!!

I much prefer mismatched pieces of furniture as opposed to purchasing a set. I mean, you’re not going to buy the outfit off of the mannequin so why would you by the entire catalog page? I love the contrast of the black dresser above with the refurbished wood bed. I already have a gorgeous antique black dresser that I bought at a thrift store for $50.00 a few years ago and refinished, and it’s too big. I’m hoping to luck out again and be able to find something similar to the one above. A few gold mirrors will look amazing against our charcoal walls and will complete the master bedroom.




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