The Find|1.2

The Find 1.2


Brittany Fuson Large Notepad – I’m a notebook/notepad queen, y’all. I keep them in my purse, car, laptop bag, on my nightstand, everywhere. I’ve had several Brittany Fuson notepads and love them! My go-to for smaller ones are Rifle Paper Company and the notebooks I always keep on hand are Moleskin
Kendra Scott “Haylee” Ring– I don’t wear rings and I never really have. I’m more of a bracelet kind of girl. I pondered on this ring for quite some time before purchasing. Not because it’s expensive (it’s only $60.00), but because I promised myself I’d start being better with money and why spend $60.00 on something you’ll never wear when you can spend $60.00 on something you will. It’s small and minimal so I think this will be a good start for my little virgin fingers lol
Ray- Ban Aviators in Gold/Pink– I have and love my Ray- Ban original aviators so I decided to order a new pair with colored lenses. I love the way the pink and gold look together. I was torn between these and the blue ones but decided to go with these because I think they’ll look better with my hair color and skin tone. And yes, I took those two things into consideration and you should, too. 
IPhone Case – I’ve had the same gold polka dot case on my phone for the nearly 2 years I’ve had it, so I figured it was time for a new one. It’s also time for a new phone, but that has to wait until March 🙁
Express Distressed Black Skinny Jeans & Express Olive Green Moto Jeggings – I’ve never bought black or olive jeans and so I decided to take the plunge. Both are comfy and cute and only needed to be hemmed like 6 inches lol *Side note- I’m usually a 0/25 in jeans and ordered the 0 in both and they’re a little snug at first but stretch out sufficiently after wear. 

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