Lilac & Pink Striped Cardigan

striped long cardigan

rebecca mink off crossbody

white booties

striped long cardigan

It feels good to feel half human again! Y’all, for real.

I woke up Sunday and didn’t feel 100%. I could tell I was getting a sinus infection, but I had a big day ahead, and like they say, ain’t nobody got time for that. Fast forward eight hours and I’m basically in tears with a 103 degree fever calling my neighbor to see if he had any whiskey. Three tall shots later and two servings of NyQuil and I was able to fall asleep. My alarm went off Monday morning and I was literally delusional. I was burning up but shivering cold, my reactions were delayed, and honestly an overall mess. I went to the doctor and had a 103.7 temperature and strep test came back positive. This was not the flipping week for this!

Luckily, I’m surrounded by a sensational group of hard working ladies that were able to pick up my slack while I laid in bed for 36 hours straight. I also have to give credit to my Jesus loving deacon grandaddy that drove me an hour to pick up six cases of wine because I was still weak and seeing double ha. Want a little laugh? I dozed off on the way back and he said, “Those wine bottles clinking will put you to sleep, huh.”. I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was his talk radio that’ll knock any living, breathing human out.

Anyway, today is Girlfriend Gala day (past years here)!!!! Y’all, I found the. most. perfect. outfit. It wasn’t at all what I thought I’d want, but I’m really freaking excited about it. This years theme is “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun/ I Love The Eighties” and y’all, I was meant to grow up in this era! If a decade is our spirit animal, the eighties is mine. The music, the movies, the IDGAF attitude, sign me up. The only thing that could have made it any better is if I were a 00 and could have shopped my moms closet for tonight!

I’ll post my outfit on Instagram later this afternoon, so if you don’t follow me, let’s change that.

Photography by Ryan Sherrod

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