Leopard Maxi Skirt and Sweater

leopard maxi

leopard maxi

leopard maxi

leopard maxi

open toe mules

leopard maxi with open toe mules

Good morning, y’all! Remember last week when I wrote how I was finally on the up & up from a sinus infection and strep throat? Well, I spoke too soon. I broke down and went back to the doctor Saturday morning, and we can add a double ear infection to my sinus infection and strep. I got a steroid shot and another antibiotic, so fingers crossed this kicks it!

I’m sure none of you read here to hear about my ailments, so lets move on to the outfit.

I bought this leopard maxi skirt from The Blue Door Boutique a few weeks ago. I knew I wanted to style it with a sweater because I remember loving Courtney Kerr’s look several years ago. The fun thing about this maxi is that it has a smocked waist, so it doubles as a strapless midi dress! I love a good 2-for-1!

These mules are are 5-6 years old. I’ve worn them so much that the brand is worn off the insole and I’ve super glued the back of the insole to the shoe twice. Ain’t no shame in my game! Ha. I couldn’t find a really similar pair, but I’ll link a couple that I think y’all may like.

This drop sleeve sweater is a recent Nordstrom purchase. I must add, though, that it’s a little on the sheer side. It’s not too bad, but you’ll definitely need to wear a black bra with it. I do love it though and I’ve worn it three times since getting it in.

Going to cut this post a little short because AC and I snagged tickets to see To Kill A Mockingbird this afternoon! I’m so excited! She loves the theatre, and that’s one of my favorite books, so I’m excited to see it on stage.

Photography by Ryan Sherrod

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