Closet Vault- The Denim Jacket

Welcome to my second installment of The Vaulted Closet (read the first one here). This particular look actually features a few of the different pieces I’ll be writing about, but in this post, I’ll be focusing on the denim jacket.

Full disclosure, this is the first denim jacket I’ve ever owned. I didn’t purchase it as part of my 14 things, I purchased it in an attempt to hide my armpit fat in a sleeveless jumper I’d planned on wearing to an event. It was then that I really realized how versatile it is.

Since I’m including it in my vaulted series, we’re going to count the cost. This denim jacket was $36.00 at Old Navy. If you’re keeping up with the math, I’m now $80.00 in on two pieces. That leaves me with $1,320.00 to spare. I’m doing pretty good so far, right?

Let’s dive in to the different ways you can style a denim jacket.

free people mini dress

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Over a dress or romper/ jumpsuit is the easiest way to wear it. I talk about the weather in Alabama all the time, and a denim jacket is honestly the most versatile outerwear piece if you live in a similar climate.

striped tee

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While not a denim jacket, adding one over the striped tee and chambray, or in lieu of the chambray, makes for an easy everyday look.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the term “fake it ’til you make it”. In the weather temperamental South, a denim jacket is the easiest way to do that. While the upper part of the country is able to pull out all of the cute sweaters and cardigans once the calendar hits September, we’re still sitting here butt hurt with swamp ass. That’s where a denim jacket checks all of the boxes. Throw it over your arm, your purse, or tie it around your waist. It’ll give your outfit a manageable Fall vibe.

Ready to shed all of the layers for warmer weather, but it’s not quite here yet? In the words of my daughter, “I feel ‘ya sista. Peach it”. Humor me while I reiterate the greatness of denim jacket. In fact, my favorite everyday ensemble when it’s not quite warm yet is leggings, a tee, and a denim jacket.

As I explained before, this series isn’t about investment pieces or creating a capsule wardrobe, but a loose combination of both. If you remember nothing, please remember that you don’t have to spend a lot to look perfectly put together. Investment pieces vary by what each individual considers worth the money. While I may feel money is best spent on a good pair of jeans or a black bag, who am I to  tell you that your jewelry splurge is excessive?

I hope y’all have a great day!

Photography by Ryan Sherrod

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