The Chambray circa 1999

striped tee

spans legging

rebecca minkoff MAB tote

stripes and leopard

This outfit is giving me flashbacks to the ninth grade y’all! I’m pretty sure every outfit I wore my Freshman year of high school consisted of an unbuttoned button up over a tank top. I blamed the school dress code, but maybe I was actually the stylish one. I’m kidding, I looked like an eight year old and still wore kids sized clothing.

While those days are long gone, I put this on and it totally took me back to hallway lockers and homecoming.

I talk a lot about simple outfits, items that you can just throw on, and how a shoe or bag can instantly elevate an otherwise lazy look, but it’s so true! And to be honest, a leopard shoe is the easiest way to do that.

Here me out, though. You can combine leopard with stripes, floral, camo, anything! I do, however, like to keep my love of leopard on my feet or in my hand. I think it speaks for itself and speaks louder in more subtle forms. If you chose to wear the print on clothing, I suggest everything else be a neutral or a solid, looking like Snooky is never a good idea.

On another note, I spent Sunday cleaning out my closet. How many chambray shirts is too many chambray shirts? Asking for a friend.

I have eight. EIGHT!!! That’s insane to me. I still have the first one (I think?) that I bought seven or so years ago! Fun fact, that’s the one I’m wearing in this post! While they’re different washes, you literally can only tell the difference in maybe three of them. This one is Old Navy  (last seen here) and was less than $30.00. Compared to my J. Crew and Madewell ones that were $70.00-$80.00. You literally can’t tell a difference. Not knocking them at all, I love both brands, I’m just saying if you can save a few dollars, or $50.00, well, that’s a no brainer:)

Are y’all as into chambray as I am, or do I have a serious problem?

Photography by Ryan Sherrod

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