A Hooded Bomber That I Want To Live In

satin hooded bomber

satin hooded bomber

satin hooded vici bomber

satin vici bomber

vici satin bomber hoodie

Happy Wednesday, we’re half way there! I’m gonna jump right in today, because I’m too excited not to!

Do y’all remember my IG post from Girlfriend Gala? It was 80’s theme (so fun!), and I was hell-bent on finding a wind suit jacket. I found one, and while it was supposed to be a joke, I really liked it y’all! No doubt I’ll wear it again. After all, vintage, right?

So, when I saw this satin bomber, I had flashbacks and carted it immediately. By the time I finished looking through new arrivals, it was sold out in my size. Determined that by any means necessary that it would be mine, I sized up and checked out right then. While this bomber is not currently available, it’s now on preorder and scheduled to ship end of August! If you love it as much as I do, I’d head there pronto and reserve yours!

Being completely transparent with you guys, I ordered it just to have it. I actually do that a lot (I DO NOT encourage that, I have a problem. Ha!). Five years ago, I’d have rocked it like no ones business and felt like a total cutting edge bad-ass, but I really didn’t think I could pull it off. I’ve been working towards trying to gain back a little self-confidence and break free of that whole I’m a mom stigma that you so easily succumb to in small town USA. I never went as far as shopping the MJ momma line, but you get my drift. Not that a satin bomber jacket is groundbreaking, but it’s a small step. I’ve never smiled so much proofing pictures of myself as I did looking at these!

I actually wrote a really long post on this topic, but chose not to publish because I didn’t want AC to experience any backlash. Don’t worry, I’ve spoke my mind in many another. It can be hard here, being a single working mom, and I just found it easier once she started school to keep my head down and blend in. That was a terrible decision on my part personally, and as a result, the best parts of me have became my most feared things to have surface again.

It’s weird how that happens, seeing as I believe it’s very hard for people to change. Maybe adaption is more different than change than I thought? Or maybe it’s possible that we seclude ourselves for so long that it becomes the new us? I sure hope that’s not the case though, because I often find myself angry when I think about how long I’ve tried to just blended in. 

Photographs taken by Jaimie Sweeten (my original photographer!!)

Outfit Details

Shoes| old (by now defunct Shoe Mint)

Bomber| VICI


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