The Perfect Romper For Petite Gals

vici striped romper

vici striped romper

vici striped romper

vivi striped romper

Cheers to a fresh week, y’all! Happy Monday seems like a bit of a lie, so I’m trying this new approach of “fresh start”. We’ll see how it goes…

My niche is “petite style”. It’s my blog tagline and in all of my social media platforms bio, yet I don’t write much about petite clothing? Truth be told, it’s not a very saturated sizing market. Sure, most brands offer petite sizes, but a much smaller assortment of styles. Honestly, I’ve gotten so used to either making things work, wearing extremely high wedges, or having things altered to fit me. Being pint-sized is cute and all until you get to the dressing room. Ha!

My point in mentioning that serves no point at all, I suppose, as this romper isn’t sized as petite, but is the perfect fit if you’re 5′ or under. When I saw it on the VICI site and read the reviews, one said, “I’m 5’5” and it fits like underwear”. I knew immediately that it would be perfect for us little gals! Y’all, you should have seen it with wedges, though. I couldn’t stop laughing, because it legit looked and felt like wearing underwear. Even on me! I’d suggest it as a swim coverup, too, but I think the buttons would get aggravating.

Where are some of your favorite places to shop for clothing that works well for petite gals? Fill me in sista, I wanna know!!!

Photography by Ryan Sherrod


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