A Casual Weekend Outfit

casual look

casual weekend look

abercrombie button up

madewell fleet jacket

casual outfit

Golden Goose Superstar

agolde parker shorts

old navy reversible tote

Good morning y’all! How was everyones weekend? Mine wasn’t nearly long enough, but are they ever? B went to Auburn for the weekend and AC stayed with her grandmother, so I hit the ground running yesterday morning getting as much work done as possible. This week is going to be a doozy for me so I needed to get a jump on my to-do list.

Lately, I’ve noticed that I don’t have enough self discipline to work from my kitchen barstool (I’m so ready to get into the shoffett!), so I’ve been going to my local coffee shop when I can. That’s what I did yesterday, and I managed to crank out all of my blog posts this week. YAS!

I struggle to find the motivation to slip out of my running shorts and oversized tee, but I made myself and wore this simple, casual outfit yesterday. It stays pretty cold in the coffee shop, so I took this fleet jacket with me. I’ll not lie though, I was sweating bullets while my sweet photographer snapped these. Ugh, come on Alabama, it’s nearly October for Christ’s sake!

Speaking of my sweet photographer, she also told me that I needed to buy these shorts in another wash. Guess she’s tired of seeing them? Are y’all? They’re clearly my favorite. Ha! I’ve been strongly considering buying the jeans. I may go ahead and take the plunge, hopefully they’ll fit as good as these shorts do!

I finally copped the Golden Goose Superstar’s (remember this post?)! I saved almost 50% by getting them from The Real Real, which is where I buy all of my designer items. I keep saying I’m going to do a post all about purchasing through The Real Real,  and I am! Promise.

My Boyfriend shirt is from AF and in stock in sizes XXS-L. I really like how the stripes switch up, a little detail that makes it unique, I think. I’m wearing a size small, if you have a larger chest, I suggest sizing up. Abercrombie is currently having a sale with promo code 14981, but hurry, it won’t last long!

Lately, I’ve noticed that most of my recent purchases lean more toward casual and cozy. I’m honestly just over the Summer temps and ready for Fall, which is where my casual and cozy purchases are stemming from I suppose. Do y’all prefer more wearable, casual, everyday outfits or the dressier, inspirational posts? Let me know what y’all relate to and enjoy more!

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