VICI set| Look Three

VICI set look three blazer

VICI set look three blazer

VICI set look three blazer

VICI blazer

destroyed crop denim

We’re starting this lovely Wednesday morning with look three of my VICI set (look 1, look 2). I’ll not dive too far into this, as I think I’ve already talked it into the ground.

For look three, I wanted something a little edgier. At first, I was thinking “I cannot pull this look off” because of the cropped jeans with booties. I feared I simply wasn’t cool girl enough, but when I put it on, I thought, “Hell yea I’m cool enough!”. Ha! Maybe, maybe not, but I don’t care, I love it.

Another fun thing about this shoot was that we ran out of daylight and had to shoot into the night. I just knew we’d have to reshoot because I wasn’t confident in night photography, but much to my surprise, I love it! I’m not saying I’m switching to night photos, but for this look, I really think it helped to elevate it. What do you think?

Do y’all enjoy seeing the different ways to style things, or is one way/post enough? Let me know!

Photography by Jaimie Sweeten

Blazer available here.



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