Bright and Bold Smocked Sleeve Blouse

bright and bold

bright and bold blouse

bright printed blouse

colorful VICI blouse

bright and bold printed blouse

leopard wedge bootie

How fun is this bright, smocked sleeve blouse? I love the print variations and bold color scheme. There’s also a hint of leopard in there, which makes my heart extremely happy. Everyone is raving about how snakeskin is the “trend of the season”, but I just can’t. It gives me the willies, so I’ll stay a leopard print girl for now!

Remember this post last Fall? Same bright colors, both styled with leopard. If it ain’t broke, why fix it, right?

My theatre hangover has finally subsided. Thank you Jesus! For those of you that follow my personal FB or IG, you know that my daughter was cast as Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker. These last three weeks we’ve basically lived at the theatre. Between dress rehearsals and shows, life has seemed ass-backward, and I’m just ready to feel a sense of normalcy again, ‘ya know? Don’t get me wrong, it’s been fantastic! We’re so proud of her and thankful to casting/directors for recognizing her talent and taking a chance on her, but we went from zero extracurriculars to an extremely time consuming one. It’s just been an adjustment is the best way to put it.

And it starts again on Friday because she’s decided to audition for another production. Watch what you wish for. Ha! I’m 35% kidding…





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