2019 Year In Review

It’s hard to believe another year has came and went, but that we’re moving into another decade as well is like “wow!”. I decided that to end 2019 I’d post the top loved post of each month.

I gathered my site stats, clicks, Instagram likes and comments, along with Pinterest and Facebook data. After combining all of them, here are your favorites from each month of 2019…

January 2019

aeo chanelle cardigan

10 Irritating Things That Bloggers Do

This post is actually the number one read post of 2019. I still get click throughs! A link to it ended up on another site and my blog traffic has more than doubled since. 

February 2019

leopard sweater

10 Things About Me + An Affordable Leopard Sweater

This post is my second most popular to date, as it followed the above post. This was the outfit post that went live the day that the above mentioned post was shared. BTW, this sweater is still available! 

March 2019

oversized pink sweater

A Very Tricky Pink Sweater + Things I’m Loving Lately

This look had the most click-in’s via Instagram to the blog. 19 of you purchased these sandals and 3 the sweater via this post, hope you’re loving them as much as I have!

April 2019

free people smocked dress

Free People Smocked Mini

As mentioned above about the sandals, they were the top purchase of April as well. As far as the post, it was the top click through from Instagram of April. 

May 2019

free people babydoll dress

Free People Babydoll Dress

I chopped my hair off shortly before shooting this look, and you guys loved it. I did too! And these espadrilles came in a close second to my (above shown) slides as the top purchased item of 2019. 

June 2019

mustard mumu dress
orange gingham babydoll dress

Jewel Tones Mumu’s For Summer

We have 2 here because they tied, although through different social media outlets. This look was my top viewed/repinned post on Pinterest to date. It’s also my favorite outfit that I posted this year. 

Gingham Tiered Babydoll Dress

As they say, y’all had a “heyday” with this $13.00 dress. It was the most sold (and quickest!) clothing item of 2019. Not sure what colors y’all chose, but I liked it so much that I bought the blue and pink as well. 

July 2019

free people bodysuit and agolde parker shorts

What I’ve Learned In A Year Of Blogging

My top liked Instagram post to date. This was also the bodysuit that started my obsession with bodysuits. Ha! 

August 2019

floral print kimono
satin hooded bomber

$24.00 Floral Print Kimono + A Giveaway

This was my top blog post for the month of August. However, I’m including the runner up because this post was part of a giveaway, so it had the upper hand. 

A Hooded Bomber That I Want To Live In

Since there isn’t a way to track the exact traffic of the Kimono post with excluding giveaway entrants, I’m including this one. It was the second highest traffic driver via Instagram for August. 

September 2019

casual look

A Casual Weekend Look

This post was shown a whole lotta love across all of my social media channels. Also, it garnered the most direct messages on Instagram. Guess y’all really love casual, everyday looks. Me, too, girlfriends. Me, too. 

October 2019

express distressed petite jeans

A Date Night Look With Express

This was my top look by a landslide from the month of October, and the 4th most popular for all of 2019. However, it was the most clicked through via Facebook of 2019. It’s also the first blog post that I’ve ever shared on my personal Facebook, which was huge for me. 

November 2019

2019 Holiday Gift Guides

The top click through post of November 2019 was my gift guides post. And to think that I wasn’t going to do them! The most shopped gift guide was the Tween gift guide. I guess y’all were as lost as I was about shopping for that age range. Thanks AC for providing us with a little insight!

December 2019

holiday look with express

A Holiday Ensemble With Express

December has been very busy for me, so my written content took a big plunge this month. According to my analytics, this was my top post for December 2019. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all so much for following along. I hope you all have the best New Years and cheers to 2020! I can’t wait to see what it has in store for us all!!!


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