The Perfect Tunic For Petite Gals

boho blouse with vici
vici top
casual fall spring look
boho tunic petite
vici boho tunic
vici tunic
vici tunic

How has 2020 treated y’all so far? As I said in my New Years post, I rang in the New Year with the flu. AC had it and then passed it along. Thankfully, my mother was in town to help care for us because it hit the both of us like a brick wall. I forced myself to get up and adult a little yesterday in hopes of feeling a little better. And by adult, I mean wash our bed linens that I broke 192 fevers in and take a bath. My fever and chills have subsided, so I plan to return back to the working world today. Wish me luck! 

I preordered this tunic from VICI a few months ago and I honestly forgot about it until it turned up under a pile of clothing on top of our dresser. I have got to get more organized, y’all! Anyway, it came in handy with the patch of warmer weather that we’ve had lately. A few days of 70 degrees is always a nice change! 

That’s about all that I can muster up for today. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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