I’m Speaking On A Small Business Panel!

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Good morning ladies! I’m so excited to announce that I was asked to participate in a panel of local female business owners! Virtually, of course;). I’ll be speaking alongside some real boss babes! I’d be lying if I said that I weren’t nervous, but so grateful to be asked to speak. To tune in, you can sign up here. There’s also one for momma talk and teaching your kids from home now! Small business meetup in Thursday at 10:00 am!

Have y’all done any virtual meetups since quarantine? They’re so much fun! My friend Shalon hosted a virtual happy hour and then I hosted Drinks With Jaime, and both were much needed after all that’s going on.

Which got me thinking…

Maybe now is the time to produce some content for my YouTube channel Bottom Of The Bottle. Would that be something y’all would enjoy? I feel like it’s so much more personal than a quick Insta snap.

Crazy, though, I say I need a break, then I add more to my plate. That’s how it goes though, right?!?

I hope y’all are holding together during this crazy, unsure time. I, for one, have been rather uneasy since work has been cut in half. Just trying to keep the faith though! I’ve devoted the extra time to working on the backend of my businesses, but I can’t lie, reality set in this past weekend.

I try not to complain because most’s income has been cut completely out, mine just by 2/3’s, but damnit, it’s still so scary. I feel very naive thinking that we’d be back to normal April 6, and honestly, I’ve lost most faith that it will be anytime soon. But, I know I’m very blessed to not have been hit harder, not yet at least.

Hang in there y’all! We WILL overcome this!


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