A Little Pinterest Inspiration

grey and olive moto

grey amazon prime sweater

grey suede pumps

grey and olive

grey amazon prime sweater

grey and olive moto jeggings

I’m not alone in getting lost in the rabbit hole that is Pinterest, right? Of course I’m not, it’s literally a gals best friend! From outfit inspiration to recipes, and now wedding planning (eeeek!!!), I feel I’d be lost without it honestly.

Not that Pinterest can’t be deceiving, I mean, I’ve yet to find an outfit that I look like Olivia Palermo in, and I doubt I can DIY my entire wedding like they lead you to believe. Wouldn’t both of those be so very nice, though?

If I’m being honest, I actually prefer Pinterest to Instagram. Especially if I’m in an outfit funk. Pinterest serves up more inspiration in the fact that you have to get a little more creative. Incentive to shop your own closet or buy more versatile pieces! Instagram, on the other hand, is more successful in the whole ready to shop sense. Both are great, but if you have the time to dive into Pinterest, try it!

Can y’all think back and remember the first fashion blogs you followed? They were actual fashion bloggers, not shopping bloggers. Everything is monetized now, which is fine, this site is monetized as well. Sistas gotta pay the bills!

Anyway, I can! They were¬†Atlantic Pacific,¬†Damsel In Dior, and Devon Rachel. Shortly after, I fell in love with Courtney Kerr of then What Courtney Wore, now rebranded as Kerrently, but she started after monetization was possible. Point being, I used to wake up and check their blogs every morning, just to see what they put together. Very few pieces were available to shop, as they were vintage|past seasons|out of budget, but it was easy (and fun!) to think, “Hey! I can make that work!”.

That’s kinda how this outfit happened. I saw some olive distressed jeggings and an oversized grey sweater and had that “I can make that work!” moment. I mean, who doesn’t own a grey sweater?!? Turns out, this girl didn’t. Yep, you read that right. It shocked me, too.

I may have one, who really knows at this point. My life is in such shambles getting things moved out to the Shoffett that I struggle to find a bra most days. So after searching women’s grey sweater on Pinterest and realizing that I can style 1,012 outfits with one little grey sweater, naturally, I headed to Amazon. And it’s a good one, y’all!

It’s beyond soft, the quality is great, and it comes in 10 colors. Sizes XS-XL are available, and it fits TTS. I repurchased it in the off- white shade and the black. I don’t personally see a need in my buying the other colors, but definitely think about it if you think you’ll get a lot of wear out of them.

So, which do y’all gather the most inspiration from? Pinterest? Instagram? Or is there another site and I’ve been hiding under a rock? Let me know!

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