How To Step Up Your Casual #OOTD

simple white tee and cropped denim

anthropologie hair scarf staud bag

simple white tee and cropped denim

anthropologie hair scarf with staud bag

simple white tee and cropped denim

If you’re like me, then your daily look is leggings or running shorts with an oversized t-shirt. I blame my job for its lazy dress code (and by lazy, I mean lack there of). Anyway, I’m so used to being able to step out in what most women sleep in, that lately, I’ve been trying to find a comfortable medium.

For years, my wardrobe contained zero of the “meet in the middle” necessities. It was all dresses and dressier pieces or t-shirts and leggings/ shorts. Only recently have I been mindfully looking for casual items to add to the mix.

I discovered the Madewell Vintage Tee while searching by color on Nordstrom because I needed a simple coral-ish shirt to wear under this look (also styled here and here). I slowly accumulated a few more colors with each Nordstrom purchase I made until I owned them all! Excessive, yes, but I put them to good use. Besides, if you love something, buy it in every color, right?!?

My first tip to take a simple outfit to the next level is to match you top to your shoes. My mom used to make me match my shoes and tops and I’d have a fit! I found it utterly ridiculous that I couldn’t wear my pink glitter Mary Jane’s with my yellow sunflower dress. The audacity of her!! Ha. When I got older, I discovered Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific. She often matches her shoes to her tops and she looks effortlessly put together and classy. Granted, her style is the complete opposite of mine, but nonetheless, she is my favorite blogger to follow for inspiration. She rarely does casual, but when she does, she knocks it out of the park like she does with everything!

My other tip is to add a scarf or bandana to your bag, wrist, neck, or hair. I first started with my hair, but couldn’t get it quite right. I tried tying it around my neck next, and actually shot a look like that, and it was atrocious. My neck is too short for that and it shortened it even more. I don’t think I’m quite cool enough to pull it off around my wrist, so I opted to string it through the strap of my bag, which works.

Do any of you have a go- to casual look that you’d like to share? I’d love to hear!

Also worth noting, because I love outtakes, that last pic is my complaining that my hair was sweating. It’s hot and humid AF here. All of you bloggers residing South of Alabama, you ain’t fooling this girl with your sweaters and cardigans! No way you aren’t putting the Megababe to use. Swamp ass and chafing ain’t no joke, but I give you mad props for your suffering!

Photography by Ryan Sherrod


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