Happy Amazon Prime Day!

It’s Amazon Prime Day! Are you a Prime member? I totally feel like I was the last person on Earth to join. I didn’t shop on Amazon much, so I didn’t feel the need to pay a yearly fee, ‘ya know?

Fast forward to about a month and a half ago, and I caved and jumped on the Amazon Fashion bandwagon. I signed up for the free 30 day trial, and it was over from there. When my free trial was up, I decided to make my membership a little more permanent, and I don’t regret it. It’s $119.00 per year, or $12.99 per month. If I’m not the last person on Earth to join, and you in fact are, I suggest signing up for the trial to see if it’s worth it for you. And if nothing else, you’ll at least get the benefits of Prime Day! It lasts only 48 hours, so scoot ‘ya fanny on over there and get on it!

I’m going to link some things that I have and love or have had my eye on in the widgets below, whether they’re a Prime Day deal or not. I’ll post my favorite Prime Day deals at the end of the post. I hope y’all find everything helpful!

boho maxi dress amazon

Dress, $26.00, Full blog post here

amazon kimono dress

Dress, $15.99, Full blog post here

amazon gingham dress

Dress, $10.78, Full blog post here

boho amazon midi dress

Dress, $27.99, Full blog post here

amazon tie dye maxi

Dress, $27.99, Full blog post here

All photography by Ryan Sherrod



Scroll right to view all. Hover over image for info, click image for direct product link.

Scroll right to view all. Hover over image for info, click image for direct product link.

1. Waffle Knit Twist Knot Tank– This tank comes in 19 colors and is under $19.00. I have the Army, Mauve, and White, and plan to order the Light Blue today. It fits TTS (true to size) and is breathable, which is appreciated during these dog days of summer! I’ve worn them with jeans, cutoffs, and leggings with sneakers.
2. Waffle Knit Twist Knot Short Sleeve & Long Sleeve– This is the same top as above, but the short sleeve and long sleeve version. The short sleeve comes in 13 different colors and the long sleeve comes in 7. They’re also under $19.00. I have the short sleeve in the Purple and it fits TTS and is also comfortable and breathable. I wore it to dinner one night with white skinnies and wedges. I’ve yet to purchase the long sleeve, but am going to buy it in the Pink today.
3. Drop Waist Spotted Dress– You’ll see this dress on the blog later on this week in the Blue spotted print. It fits TTS and is $25.00. It was a little longer on me than I expected, but with a wedge it was fine. It’s a good dress for a school function, shower, or church.
4.Ruched Bodycon T-Shirt Dress– The word “body con” scares the hell out of me, but after seeing them all over the web on multiple body types, I took the plunge and ordered one. Surprisingly, I’m not self conceous in it like I thought I’d be! I purchased the Pink in my normal size, and you’ll see it later on the blog as well. There are 8 colors available in the short sleeve (what I have), and 6 colors in the sleeveless. Both cuts are $19.99. This is a good “now & later” option, as you could throw on a denim jacket or cardigan over it in the Fall and Winter.
5. Button Down Tunic Dress– I have this dress in Navy, and I love it! As far as fit goes, it’s oversized, so if that’s not your thing, then this dress probably isn’t for you. It hits me a couple of inches above the knee (I’m 5′) and comes in 4 solid colors, 3 leopard prints, and 3 tie waist colors. I cannot comment on the tie waist version, as that is not the one that I own. I’m ordering the white leopard and it’s $24.95.
6. Felt Purse Organizer– When I bought my LV Speedy 30, I knew it was nicknamed “the dark hole” and that I’d need a purse organizer. I bought this one in size Medium (light Coffee color) and I’ve really enjoyed it! There are a ton of little pockets and slits to help keep you organized, and it really helps the bag to keep its shape, too. It comes in 12 colors and is $25.66. Be sure to measure your bag first to determine what size you need!
7. Tassel Bag Charms– These bag charms are the ones you’ve seen in my Instagram posts. They come in 3 different styles and 11 color combinations (mine are C1 &C2) and are $7.99. I had a friend ask me where I got them, and when I told her and told her the price, her jaw dropped. She said a boutique in town (I won’t name drop) sells them for almost $50.00! That’s when my jaw dropped (lol).
8. Satin Hair Scrunchies– These scrunchies are only $7.99 for a pack of 5, and they come in Black, Blush, and Ivory. These are a great alternative to the pricier version that is 3 for $39.00. They hold my hair great (I have fine hair) and are a fun alternative to a regular hair rubber band.
9. Diva Laundry Detergent– AC has sensitive skin, so we have to use free & clear, unscented laundry soap (we use Tide Free & Gentle), so when I wash my clothes, I use a touch of this for scent. It’s one of those “a little goes a long way” products. I’ll use half Tide and half Diva, and it’s plenty! It’s $24.95, so not much more than regular, store bought detergent, and it smells amazing!
10. Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo– My favorite dry shampoo is 2 for $9.48 (or $9.01 with auto delivery). You can also add it to your Dash Button for easier ordering in the future.
1. Echo Dot– It’s like a personal assistant. AC bosses hers around, bless its heart, and for the next 48 Hours, it’s only $22.00. That’s the cheapest sitter I’ve ever hired?
2. Kindle– I’m including this because my mom is practically married to hers. I prefer actual books, but to each their own. ¬†She’s a traveling nurse, and every time we go to visit or she comes here, she has it in tow.
3. Serving Tray– So pretty! And a great addition to the Shoffett. This piece would also work perfectly into styling your coffee table or vanity.
4. Instant Pot– Only $55.99! This is the perfect time to buy one if you haven’t yet. We use our all the time!

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