Floral Kimono Dress

kimono dress

kimono dress

kimono dress

kimono dress

staud shirley bag

kimono dress

There’s nothing better than stepping out in what feels like a bathrobe. Other than maybe stepping out in what feels like actual pajamas. I’m not sure I’m cool enough to pull off that look, but my friend Tara nails it every time! She nails everything though, she’s the ultimate fashion chameleon!

This kimono dress is another purchase from Amazon. Isn’t the print gorgeous?!? I love the way it fits, as it’s hard to find dresses that hit where they should when you’re exactly 60″ tall.

Aside from loving the print, I knew when I saw this kimono dress that I wanted to style it with my yellow sandals. I don’t get to wear them as much as I’d like, so I take any and all opportunity to do so. They’re comfortable, chic, and I love the added extra they make an outfit! For me, it always boils down to footwear!

Are y’all tired of my living the kimono/mumu/caftan life yet? I sure hope not, because it’s here to stay. At least until October. But in all seriousness, it’s really fucking humid and hot here, and you can only take off so much before you get a new headshot made against a height marking wall while holding a number board. And they don’t let you pick your good side, either.

I will say though, after seeing these photos, I’m not loving how low cut it is on me, I didn’t notice that when I tried it on. I knew it was lower than I like, but I felt that I belted it enough that it would hit as it should. Does that make since? Next time, in lieu of a bra, I’ll definitely wear a bralette with it so it doesn’t seem so revealing. Other than that, I’m very happy with it!

Do any of you have a crazy week coming up? This week, on top of work, AC has play practice three hours every night and I’m trying to pack us for the beach. I also have to wiggle in a nail, wax, and hair appointment. Oh, and a visit to my seamstress and a blog shoot. Lord, please bless me with a few extra hours a day or a clone. I’ll take either, and I won’t ask any questions.

Have a great Monday, y’all!

Photography by Ryan Sherrod


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