Fall Outfit Inspiration Take 2

fall outfit inspiration

fall outfit inspiration

fall outfit inspiration

fall outfit inspiration with VICI

fall outfit inspiration VICI

express barely boot petite

VICI pre fall collection

I first talked Fall outfit inspiration last week in this post, so I wanted to show you tip #2. To me, this one is my preference because my upper half gets hotter a lot faster than my lower body. And no one likes a sweat stain. If we all had a nickel for every time I talked about sweat stains, we’d all be able to retire five years early. Ha!

These jeans are Express “Barely Boot” and fit TTS (wearing a 6P). Ever since I tried cropped denim, I’ve gravitated heavily towards that and flares/bootcut. Basically, anything that hides the size of my calves. I haven’t tossed all of my skinny jeans jeans, but I do foresee my wearing this cut more. It’s just an added bonus that they’re so on trend right now.

My top is sold out VICI. Eventually, I’ll discover another brand and provide y’all with a bit more variety. Maybe. Actually, I can’t make y’all any promises, I truly love their clothing. I’ve had local girlfriends (VICI is based out of California) that have text me saying how they’d never heard of them and now they can’t stop ordering. I feel ‘ya sista, I feel ‘ya!

These espadrilles are a great dupe for the Chloe’s, but order at least a full size down. They are also from VICI. I’ll tell you though, these are the second pair of shoes I’ve ordered from them, and I’ve needed to size down a FULL SIZE in both for them to fit. Keep that in mind if you decide to order footwear from there.

I’m currently writing this out smelling like oatmeal, alcohol and Aveno. Anyone else ever had adult poison oak? It’s a real bitch, especially when you have no idea how you got it. The only thing I can think of is from doing laundry? B was bush hogging his land and must’ve gotten in to it. Is that possible? Who knows, but I’ve thought back long and hard and there’s no way I encountered it on my own accord.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Monday!








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