Closet Vault: The (Emerald) Blazer

green blazer yellow heel

green blazer

yellow heel

green blazer yellow heel

green blazer

green blazer

For the third feature in my new series The Vaulted Closet, it’s all about the blazer. Typically, one would go with more of a neutral shade, like a black or white. Personally, I love adding color to my closet, so when I saw this emerald one, it was a zero hesitation purchase. I’ve since worn it over a white romper and a black slip dress. When the weather warms up a tad, I look forward to wearing it with my favorite cut offs or over my overalls.

People tend to have mixed feelings about blazers, and I suppose I understand. The first thought on blazers are that they’re stuffy and/or not very feminine. It’s quite the opposite, though. They look beyond chic when paired with something casual, like I’ve done above. I especially love them as a suit, though, if they will button high enough to go sans shirt. Jacey Dupree of Damsel In Dior did this perfectly.

In addition to this emerald one, I also have a fuchsia, a white, and a black one. I get a lot of use out of all four, but the most out of the black.

Sleeveless blazers are also a great alternative if a boxy shoulder isn’t your thing. If you want to go that route, I have this one in white and I love it. I suggest sizing down by one if you chose to purchase it.

In keeping count of money invested, here’s where I stand right now:

$36.00 for a denim jacket

$50.00 for a utility jacketĀ 

$44.00 for this Emerald Blazer

I’ve spent $130.00 out of $1,400.00 and I’ve gotten three items that I can style at least 5 different ways! Ryan and I are shooting tomorrow afternoon and this blazer is actually part of a fun birthday post I have coming next Wednesday. With that said, it will push the 4th Vaulted Closet piece back until Thursday. I know a few of you come here to see those, knowing they go live on Wednesday’s, so I just wanted to let you all know!

Thank y’all for reading and I hope you’re enjoying your day!!

Photography by Ryan Sherrod

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