Rust Colored Babydoll Dress

rust babydoll dress

vici babydoll dress

steve madden fringe heel sandals

rust colored babydoll dress

rust colored vici dress fall

There are very few things in life that I love more than a babydoll dress (posts here & here). Well, coffee & wine. And the color rust, but that’s it! Oh, and cheeseburgers! That turned out to be more than I thought, but you get it.

Oversized pieces have always been my style. Even before the 30 pound weight gain, I always gravitated to articles of clothing that looked too big for me. Maybe I was too heavily influenced by the Olsen’s or Nicole Richie? I’m not sure, but my entire life I’ve loved the way “big things” looked on “tiny things”. Some people find it obnoxious, but I love it when a petite gal has sunglasses bigger than her face and a bag wider than she is. It looks like she doesn’t give a damn, and I find that mentality to be the epitome of style and confidence.

I’m not sure if when I saw this dress on the VICI website if I was more drawn to the color or the cut. As I said above, I love a good babydoll dress because of it’s oversized fit, but rust has been my obsession the past few seasons. And not just in clothing! Once I sat down to write this post, I looked around my house and noticed that I have several variations of this color in every room! I guess I’d never paid much attention before, but clearly, I’ve been gravitating toward it for longer than I thought.

At first, I thought maybe because it’s such a Fall color, and I absolutely cannot wait for Fall weather (anyone else been burning Fall candles, willing it to arrive already??)! The scents, the color, the fact that your armpits are finally controllable, all the things! Except pumpkin spice, that shit tastes gross. I wasted $6.00 only once.

But back to the color. I’m here to tell you, rust works in all seasons. I have a swimsuit in this color, a strapless mini, and it was even my favorite Christmas wrapping paper this past holiday season. All I’m missing are shoes, but now that I’m aware, that totally tops my to-do list.

How do you feel about the color rust? Or is there another color that you’ve been fan girling lately?

Photographs by Jaimie Sweeten

Dress via VICI

Shoes are old from Steve Madden

Similar leopard clutch from Red Dress


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