Overalls + Golden Goose Sneakers Review

denim overalls

denim overalls

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golden goose highlighter pink

Good morning my fellow fashion lovers! How is everyone’s week going so far? Today’s post is a little different in a few ways. Firstly, It’s evident in photos that overalls are simply not my thing. At least these aren’t anyway? Secondly, I spent over $500.00 on a pair of pink shoes. What the fuck? Let’s dive right in…

I’ve been talking a lot lately about the things I didn’t think I could pull off, and how, much to my surprise, I could. I think I may have spoke too soon, because I’m thinking that overalls are simply not cut out for me. Pun intended. This particular pair are adorable, and I knew they didn’t look the best on me, but whatever, I wanted some damn overalls.

How many of you have done that before? Purchased something knowing it wasn’t meant for you? If you aren’t nodding your head or raising your hand right now, sorry sista, but your pants just caught on fire:).

Back to what I was saying. As far as this pair goes, I listed them on my closet sale page. Here’s why: In order for them to comfortably button in the waist, I purchased a medium. Yes, that is my usual size, but mind you, these are a girlfriend fit. What that means is I should have been able to wear the small with no issue and the small was definitely an issue (ha!). In both the small and the medium, I had to adjust the straps so much so that they were pulled through all the way to the seem in the back. Not just for length purposes, but so that they didn’t sag down past my chest. Overall, I’d say these are best cut for a taller (5’5”+?), slender woman. I mean, isn’t everything though?

More than likely, I’ll give overalls another shot. There has to be a perfect pair for me out there somewhere, right???

Moving on to the burning question of “You spent $500.00 on one pair of shoes?”. That was what B said anyway. Then I promptly interrupted him and said “No. I spent $530.00 plus tax on the most bad ass pair of sneakers you’ll ever see”.

He doesn’t love them, y’all. He actually loathes them, so I wear them every chance I get. I know I’m not flying solo when I admit that I wear things in spite sometimes. Actually, I find it quite funny and have lots of semi-private giggles when I do so.

So, is the sneaker you’ve had burned into your retinas from Instagram and Pinterest worth the splurge?

Yes, they are.

Do I regret or stand by this purchase? Both, kinda. Here’s why…

I really wanted this basic pair for years, but, I really loved these mid pink ones, too. Anytime I’ve made what I consider to be an investment purchase, I’ve always went with a neutral, classic one. I was torn between the ones above and this pair, but after a bottle of red, I went with these. Figured I needed to step out of my comfort zone at some point, why not now? For what its worth, I do wish I’d have went with the classic pair, but I digress.

Overall, I’m very happy that I bit the bullet and purchased them. They’re very comfortable and add an extra bit of “oomph” to an outfit. I was confused on sizing, as I read multiple size up/ size down suggestions, but I just went with my regular size and they fit perfectly. If you get the same size as you wear in Birkenstock, you’ll be fine!

Worth noting, I purchased these from Revolve by way of Afterpay. What that is is that I pay an initial payment, and then three bi-weekly payments (interest free!!!) until paid off. Between that and Affirm (same concept, but monthly payments), it’s became my favorite way to shop for big ticket items! Definitely look into those as resources if you’re like me and hate dropping large amounts of money at one time.

Hope everyone has a great day! If you have any questions, just email me or comment below!

Photography by Ryan Sherrod


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