Citrus Shift Dress + Netflix Obsessions

fruit dress by mink pink

fruit dress by mink pink

fruit dress by mink pink

fruit dress by mink pink

fruit dress by mink pink

Good morning girlfriends! It’s Thursday, and I should be happy because y’all are a day closer to the weekend, but unfortunately, it’s the day before AC’s last elementary school supply drop off. I sit here wondering where the hell Summer went, but really, where in the hell have the last six years went?? It feels like two weeks from now she’s going to be graduating high school. If you have babies, or a special person, career, moment going on in your life, cherish it. Time flies way too fast not to soak every minute of life up!

I’m moving on, because y’all don’t come here for that, or maybe you do, but I like to think y’all come here for my outfits and my witty banter. Please don’t tell me otherwise, I’d make a terrible mommy blogger.

I saw this┬ácitrus print dress from ShopBop and ordered it via Amazon Prime. The price was the same, but hey, free 2 day delivery gets us every time, am I right? It’s another dress I packed for the beach with intention to shoot there but never did. If you have a beach getaway coming up, this would be perfect! This isn’t the most budget- friendly piece, and after looking on a favorite site of mine for more affordable items, I found a nearly identical dupe for only $10.00!!! I’ll link both in the widget at the end of the post. While I don’t own the more affordable option, I have purchased several things from them, and I’d say I’m overall 90% happy with their merchandise. They have a simple return policy, too, so defiantly utilize that if needed!

As for the second part of this post, I’ve seen a lot of people asking for Netflix recommendations lately. I’m the queen of binge watching, so here ‘ya go…

1. All American

If you like football series or movies, then this is for you! B and I watched the first two seasons in no time, and it’s that good y’all. It’s loosely based off of an NFL players life and stars Taye Diggs and other (new to me, but good!) actors. An amazing athlete from the “wrong side of the tracks” is offered the chance to play in an upperclass district, and his adaption and acceptance is somewhat a struggle. Typing that out, it sounds a little cliche, but there’s more to it, and it’s worth the watch! While only Season 1 is available on Netflix, Season 2 will air on the CW in the Fall. Yes!!!!!

2. Longmire

Longmire is a crime show, so to speak, set in small town Wyoming. The show centers around a long time, old school sheriff, that doesn’t feel the need to adapt to today’s standards. For instance, he refuses to own a cell phone! He depends heavily on his female deputy, and together, they always come out on top. The show starts off with his wife already being deceased, but you don’t quite know what happened until a couple of seasons in. There’s a love story about it, but for me, the whole “good guy wins” was what made me smile the most.

3. Sinner

Not quite sure how I hadn’t heard of this show yet, seeing as it’s now in its second season. My friend Crystal told me to watch it and I’m now halfway through season one and I can’t look away! It stars Jessica Biel as Cora, a woman who stabs a seemingly random man to death on the beach. Detective Ambrose is hell bent on finding out why, as Cora can’t seem to remember much about a period in her life. As they start to uncover repressed memories, everything slowly starts coming together. I’m not even finished with season one and I’m ready to dive head first into season two!


What are y’all loving on Netflix or Hulu lately? Honestly, I have spats where I’ll binge watch things, and then watch nothing for weeks. I’m far more productive without watching, so I should probably not ask for recommendations on more distractions. Ha!

Photography by Ryan Sherrod


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