Camel Colorblock Sweater

camel color block sweater
camel color block sweater
stella mcartney bag dupe

How was everyones weekend? It rained all day on Saturday, so we indulged ourselves with two naps. Does rain do that to anyone else? It kills my motivation, but in the best sort of way. 

On Sunday, Forrest Cemetery  hosted its annual “A Walk Through Time” at the historic Forrest Cemetery. It’s my favorite event of the year! I’m a huge history buff, though. You come and go as you please from 2:00-5:00 and they’ll be a different character portrayal from locals at the different gravesides. I had no idea how many influential people were from Gadsden/Etowah County! It’s also very interesting to me to hear the stories from those that played a large role in building Gadsden into what it is today. Another really cool thing is that a lot of the actor portrayals are played by the ancestors of the featured townsfolk that are buried there. Maybe one day they’ll ask me to play a character. I’d be on cloud 9! Also, is it weird that I really want to get married in the chapel there? Ha! It’s breathtakingly beautiful!

camel color block sweater
camel color block sweater
camel color block sweater
black zippered booties

Moving on to this super cute camel colorblock sweater. While still from Amazon, it wasn’t quite the steal that my previously blogged pieces are, but coming in at $31.00, it’s still very affordable. 

With that said, I feel obligated to let you know that when I opened this package, I was taken a little aback with the “warehouse” smell of it. I hung it in the garage to let it breathe for a couple of days and the smell lightened a lot. I washed it (I don’t recommend drying sweaters!) layed it flat to dry, and it smells perfectly normal now. Just wanted to disclose that. 

Other outfit details worth mentioning are these boots, bag, and jeans

My boots are from Red Dress and are only $38.00. Like, say what?!?! They also come in leopard and snakeskin and are available in sizes 5.5-10. If you order, be sure to go down a half size! I could have probably been OK with sizing down a full size, but half is good. They’re Qupid brand if you’re familiar with their fit. 

My jeans are the Topshop Jamie cut and come in petite and regular sizing. They’re available in sizes 24-34 (36 in regular) and I suggest sizing up by one. I love the way they fit my petite, athletic- type body, and if you have a similar build, then I can’t recommend these enough! 

Moving on to my favorite part of this outfit, the bag (insert heart eye emoji!!!)! Y’all, for as far back as I can remember, I’ve loudly coveted the Stella McCartney Falabella bag, but never in a million years could I afford to spend that much on a bag that I wouldn’t carry daily. I only paid $58.00 for this bag, and I couldn’t be happier! Unfortunately, it looks like everyone scooped up the black version, but the brown is still available! For now…


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