An Everyday Striped Cardigan With Express

striped cardigan express
striped cardigan express
contrasting stripes cardigan
cardigan contrasting stripes
striped cardigan and moto jeggings
express contrasting stripes cardigan

So glad the weekend has arrived! Well, almost arrived. This was the kiddos first week back to school and getting AC off of vacation mode was a chore in and of itself. For both of us, really. I took full advantage of no alarm clock needed! 

Speaking of AC, humor me for a moment, would ‘ya? Those of you with girls, what age did you start allowing them to wear makeup? My mother didn’t allow me until 7th grade, an age I feel is fair. Well, I picked AC up from school Monday and noticed she had black stuff under her eyes. I said, “Did you wear mascara to school today?”. She said, “Yep, I took yours before you got up. It makes my eyes pop, don’t ‘ya think?”.

The kid looked like she got roughed up, y’all. Anyway, I’m considering buying her some clear mascara. That’s what my mother started me off with. Ugh, it’s just hard because I want her to be a kid as long as she can!

Anyway, thanks for reading my ramblings. I’ll move on to the outfit now. 

The last couple of posts that I’ve partnered with Express on were great date night looks (here & here). I wanted to bring you an easy, everyday look, something you can always find me in, so I went with this cardigan. 

I love the contrasting stripes on the sleeves, which elevate it just a tad from your run of the mill striped cardigan. It also comes in grey and white stripes if you feel like you have enough black in your wardrobe (but is there really such a thing?). I took my regular size, and for a limited time, you can purchase this cardigan for only $39.99 + 40% off in cart. This black one is available in XS-M, but the grey is still fully stocked in sizes XXS-XL. 

I originally purchased it to style with this olive rushed dress, but when it came in, it came past my knees (sooo big!). If you’re tall, go for it girl! It’s cute and only $19.99 via Prime! 

Still wanting to stick with my original plan of olive, I simply grabbed my trusty Downtown Cami (buy all of the colors!!!) and olive moto leggings. Here lately, I’ve loved pairing black with my taupe booties, like above, so I went with that to keep it super effortless looking. I love when outfits look like not a lot of thought went into them. When their not so match-matchy, if you will. 


This post is in collaboration with Express. All written content and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the retailers that support Bottle no. 5.

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