A Date Night Look With Express

Express date night look
express cinched tank
express blazer and tank
express boyfriend blazer
express distressed petite jeans
express date night look

I’m beyond thrilled to announce a new partnership with a brand that is quite familiar to all of you Bottle no. 5 readers. An avid shopper since high school, more so the last few years, my wardrobe is riddled in their pieces and I couldn’t be happier to be partnered with Express!

What?!? It seems crazy to me to even type those words! I’d worked a 12 hour shift, came home, poured a glass of wine, and sat down at my computer to check my email, and there it was. “Welcome, Express Ambassador!”. All I wanted to do was wake B up at midnight,  jumping on the bed, but I knew he wouldn’t understand, and he had to be up at 5, so I opted for jumping on the couch and screaming on the inside instead.

I did manage to write him a barely legible note telling him and I left it on his keys. Let’s be real though, he finds me, and all of this, ridiculous. I’m OK with that though. In his defense, he wrote a sweet something back (insert blushing emoji here). 

I’m finished gushing over it now (maybe?), so we can move on to talking about the first look I’ve put together with Express

This cami is what caught my eye first. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it, as I’m self-conscious about wearing sleeveless, but I knew I had to have it! For those of you with fabulous arms (or those that don’t care, Ha!), this cami is gorgeous on its own and would be perfect for your upcoming holiday parties!

That’s how I build outfits. A piece that I can’t do without, and I’ll figure the rest out after. I initially thought I’d pair it with my my Express Vegan Leather leggings, but I was drawn to showing this tank in a more casual way, and I found myself married to that. 

I’m a blazer girl, through and through. I’m particularly partial to them being worn with denim, though. Shorts or jeans, I’m indifferent, but there’s something so effortless looking when paired with denim. I ordered this blazer (styled above) and this one (that color, y’all!). I almost did this cami with the latter blazer and the vegan leather leggings just to show out. Ha! I’m totally going to wear the three together for Friendsgiving! 

My jeans were last seen in this Instagram post. They’re part of the Express Petite line. Unfortunately, it appears they’re sold out, but I’ll link some other petite favorites I have and love. A destructed pair of denim really breaks up the seriousness of a blazer. I’m no corporate girl (tried it, HATED it!), but I find something sexy about a woman in a blazer. 

Express has been so kind as to offer you lovely readers 15% off your total purchase. Just use code 8482 at checkout!

I hope y’all have a great day and a wonderful Halloween tomorrow!

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