Christmas Wishlist


I have to start by saying that this wish list/gift guide was originally created for B. Bless him, he gets so lost trying to figure out what to get me for Christmas, anniversary, birthday, etc. that this year I decided to make it “fail proof”, down to color, size and where to purchase. After finishing this gift guide, I noticed that it’s mainly filled with staple items, which are the perfect things to ask for from your parents or significant other.

The first on my list this year was a new set of luggage. I really wanted a hard shell set and when I saw this Kensie 3-piece (color is pale gold) at Target I was thrilled! It’s exactly what I had in mind! The military vest and Patagonia vest are so versatile that you’ll wear them way more than you think. I couldn’t decide between Hunter boots ( color shown is Graphite Gloss) or the Sperry Saltwater (color is Linen), so I put both on the list:)

I wear my Ray-Ban Aviators daily (they look good on everyone!), and had been wanting another pair when I saw these pink ones.  The HOBO wallet is the thing I am hoping for the most (and the luggage). I’ve carried the same Coach wallet since 2007 (insert red faced emoji here) and it has more than served its purpose. I’m obsessed with the functionality of the HOBO “Lauren” wallet because it can double as a clutch. That’s also why I went with the paisley print instead of a more conventional solid because I love a good vibrant print on a clutch.


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