October Highlights

October Highlights

My friend Kinzie and I co-chair Public Relations for Gadsden Service Guild and had to be on Talk of Alabama to speak about our annual Rummage Sale. I was a nervous wreck! I hate public speaking. I couldn’t quit shaking and you could totally tell it in my voice as well. And it didn’t help that I looked like a cow lol. But, it was for a good cause, so at some point I’ll quit complaining. You can watch the segment here. Afterward, we went for brunch at a fairly new place that neither of us had tried and it was so good! It’s called First Watch. If you haven’t tried it you should! I had the Eggs Benedict-Florentene (pictured above).

I posted this picture on Instagram asking Alabama when it thought I may be able to wear any of it lol. We basically have two seasons: Summer and Winter, and I was ready to put up my shorts and break out my sweaters. Plus, I’d just gotten new Fall sweaters in, and like most women, we wanna wear the new stuff right away! But with temps in the 80’s and 90’s….

AC’s school had their PTA Fundraiser and if you sold a certain number of items you got to attend the “Silly Sock” Sockhop. She had so much fun! However, this Momma didn’t have fun trying to scrub the red punch and candy stains out of that white top!

Y’all. Take a look at this sweet, innocent face. This 6 week old puppy was dropped off on the side of the road at an open house. Just tossed out like trash to fend for himself. Luckily, the real estate agent was a huge animal lover, picked him up and took him to the vet. He was infested with worms and malnourished. She brought him by my office in hopes of finding him a forever home, and the next day we found him one! He is seriously the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen!

I took this picture when the leaves finally started to change here, and I’m so glad I did because now the trees are bare because of so much wind and rain. As I said before, we really only have two seasons here and I’m glad I got to capture the one week we had of Fall foliage.

The Rummage Sale. Y’all, this is a labor of love. We collect donations all year for a two day sale and the sorting and organization that goes into making this event a success is unreal and humbling at the same time. All proceeds from the sale go directly back to local non-profits that we work with. I’m truly humbled by and grateful to be a part of such a wonderful organization!

Halloween 2017. How cute is my little peacock?! We had the best time (partly due to the contents of our Yeti cups lol)! B pulled the kids around by four wheeler on a utility trailer that they decorated and they had a blast!

My little volunteer. I felt like AC was at a good age to learn the importance of selflessness, so I had her handle the email signup. She did so good! She came out of her shell and walked around gathering information on shoppers at the Rummage Sale. She got almost 100! She also didn’t quite understand why I have to be gone so much with GSG, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to show her what I do when I’m gone and the positive impact it has on other people’s lives. Afterward, she said it felt good to help out when you don’t have to. I was one proud momma!

*Featured photo is from Pinterest. If the image belongs to you, please let me know and I’ll issue photo credit.


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