The July Edit| The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

nordstrom anniversary sale 2018

Allow me to bring you a broken record post, but the countdown is on to the 2018 #Nsale! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is my favorite sale of the year because, unlike most sales, it’s new merchandise, not the stuff they’re trying to get rid of.

Mark Your Calendars

July 11th: Level 4 cardholders get to shop the sale early in store only.

July 12-19: All cardholders get Early Access to shop the sale in store and online.

July 20-August 5: The sale opens to the public.

The Nordstrom Credit Card is the key

Credit cards aren’t for everyone. I paid all of mine off 5 years ago, cut them up, and never looked back. This will be my 4th year shopping the sale, my second with the Nordstrom credit card. Allow me to explain. I got a Nordstrom card last year for the sole purpose of being able to shop the sale during Early Access because everything I wanted the two previous years were sold out by the time it was my turn. I figured, “I’ll get the card, shop, pay it off and leave it dormant until next year”. While I don’t overspend throughout the year, I have definitely¬†not left it dormant. However, I’m really good with finances and not spending what I can’t afford to. I only suggest getting the card if you’re responsible with your credit and debt. Pro Tip: With the card, you get one triple points day a year. Save that day for the sale to get closer to earning Nordstrom Notes for later. Moving on…

What To Buy

When shopping the sale, I scroll though fast and nab the necessities, as they’ll be the first to go. Been eyeing that leather or suede moto jacket? CART IT. Leggings or this seasons it boot? CART IT. That perfect sneaker or cashmere sweater? CART IT.

A few days before the sale, I’ll go through the website and cart everything I want. As soon as the sale goes live, I immediately look through my cart first. Whatever isn’t included I “save for later”. This is when I mad dash through the Anniversary Sale pages. If it jumps out at me, you guessed it, I CART IT. It never fails though, once I’m ready to checkout there will be something (usually at least three) that is already sold out. That’s why I suggest shopping like you’d shop on Supermarket Sweep. You can finely comb through later, but this way you have a better chance of getting what you want or need the most. The widget below is what’s in my cart right now. Hopefully, it’ll all be part of the sale. Dream big, right? Also, don’t get too discouraged if something you really want sells out, check back daily because there’s a strong possibility it will be returned and you can snag it real quick.

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