Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Friday was March Madness/Casino Night. It’s a fundraiser put on by The Council On Aging of Etowah County. This was our second year to go and just like last year, it was a blast! This year we sponsored a table and that is definitely the way to go!

After the Casino Night fundraiser, we all went to Little Bridge Marina for a little night cap:)

Saturday I adulted (lol). I got a little work done, laid around mostly and then went grocery shopping. It was gloomy here and I never feel up to much when the weather is like that. I did pick up these gorgeous roses in an attempt to brighten the day. I love having fresh flowers around the house!

On Sunday, Kristen and I built the jail for our (and Kinzie’s) Girlfriend Gala table. We honestly couldn’t have done it without Bobby! Who knew it took engineering skills to build a jail out of PVC pipe?!? My friend Kinzie actually came up with the table design this year. The theme is “Girlfriends On Broadway” and she had the idea to do “Cell Block Tango” from Chicago. I’m so excited about it!

Below are mine and Kinzie’s tables from previous years

Event theme: Fairytales

Table Theme: Puff the Magic Dragon

Event Theme: Under the Big Top

Table Theme: Brittany Spears “Circus” album (full post here)

Event Theme: Meet Me In Paris

Table Theme: SATC Season 6 “Carrie: An American Girl In Paris”


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