The Edit|Worth The Investment|March 2016

The Edit|Worth The Investment|March 2016
The Edit| Worth the Investment| March 2016


In the past, I was such a spur of the moment type of girl and lived by the mantra “See it. Want it. Buy it. Own it.”. This benefited no one except the credit card company and in a short time, I grew bored with my purchase and wanted the next “big thing”. When the company I worked for went out of business last May I had to learn to be a little more fiscally responsible, which I found to be quite humbling and let’s be real, I needed this. Once I started really thinking about things before purchasing them and having to save for them first, I found that 1) you appreciate the item more, and 2) you are really able to question whether or not the item is worth giving up your new “nest egg” for. For me, it’s harder to spend money when I have it rather than when I don’t. Weird, huh?!?

Once I hit my 30’s, I really started to understand quality vs quantity in all aspects of life, but especially in material items. I purchased my first designer purse and immediately had a pep in my step. Then I got a new sofa and loveseat and felt the same rush again. I realized that purchasing big ticket items fulfilled me way more than shopping bags full of strip mall junk ever did! I was on to something!!! (lol)

With my new found “big girl status”, I sat down and made a list of things I felt like a “big girl” should have.

1. At least one nice designer bag. I love the Balenciaga Velo AJ bag, Celine Phantom Medium Luggage tote (can be purchased pre-owned online or new in store) and the Chloe Marcie medium bag. By the time I’ve saved enough to purchase one of these, I may have another in mind, but these three have been at the top of the list for a while now.

2. Proper footwear. The Christian Louboutin So Kate black pump, a nice boot like this Givenchy Tria (also love the tall version) and a great dress sandal from Stuart Weitzman. With the money that I’ve spent through the years on black pumps, a couple pairs of boots each fall and nice dress sandals, I could have wish I would have just bit the bullet and bought more lasting pairs.

3. Luggage. The first suitcase I ever bought was $60.00 at T.J. Maxx and it got ruined with terribly noticeable black stains/streaks at the airport the first time I used it. This polycarbonate Tumi luggage is super durable and has a combination/keyed lock. Once you register it, it can also be tracked if lost or stolen. And how cute is the print?!?

4. Art. I am obsessed with Babe Paley. Like SWF obsessed. Everything about her was perfection, and if you don’t agree, you’re wrong. I have loved this picture since the first time I saw it.  I absolutely cannot wait to purchase this print.

5. Sunglasses. A great pair of sunglasses will last you forever. Tom Ford glasses are by far my favorite and I can’t wait to add these to my sunglass collection. Other great options are Celine and Karen Walker.  A great oversized pair like the ones pictured above and a classic Ray-Ban aviator are all you need.


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