Styling A Sleeveless Blazer

Styling A Sleeveless Blazer

sleeveless blazer

Styling a sleeveless blazer can be tricky, but it shouldn’t have to be. Just like with anything else, proportion is key. The one above is more oversized, so I paired it with something fitted on bottom. To wear it with a flowy dress or wide leg pant, you’d want one a little more structured.

This sleeveless blazer and cami are both great finds from Express. By now I’m sure you’ve realized that I shop there a lot. The cami is their “Downtown Cami” and comes in seven colors. I bought the pink (above), black, and soft ivory. It’s became my new Portofino! They’re perfect for layering and fit true to size.

My shoes are no longer available, but these should be landing on my doorstep any day now! It took me forever to decide between the black and pink, so naturally, I went with pink. One can never have too many pink shoes, can they?

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