My (less than ) $20.00 Sweater Obsession

chevron sweater

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chevron sweater

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I’ve talked a lot about budget friendly clothing and accessories. After all, isn’t that what we’re all after?

Bobby likes to joke ( I think he’s serious) that I find the most expensive thing and shout “That’s it!!!”. In reality, I don’t look at price when deciding what I like. I do, however, search and find something similar when the price is a little too steep for my liking. I work hard for my money, a girls gotta get a deal when she can!

That’s where Shein comes in.

I’d purchased from them before, but it had been a while. My second purchase was my latest. I ordered 9 sweaters/ cardigans, and I kept three. That’s the gamble you take when you purchase from a company that sales items at such a low price. However, they offer free shipping and free returns, so you really can’t lose, right? B always says, “You pay for what you get. Never buy the cheapest or the most expensive”.

The quality of all nine items I bought wasn’t the best, but that’s what you get. The three I kept were OK. I’d give them a 7/10 on quality/fit. A 9/10 on quality/price. In my opinion, the others weren’t even fit to be sold at Rue 21.

My previous purchase was during the summer and consisted of three dresses. I kept all three and wore them. In their defense, maybe they just don’t do Fall and Winter well? I’m not sure. As I mentioned, I’ve only ordered from them twice.

Overall, I’ll order from Shein again. In bulk, I’m sure. You pay for what you get, and a $20.00 sweater is worth the gamble. Hell, a $20.00 anything is, am I right?

Photography by Ryan Sherrod

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