Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac Tee: (purchased at concert, unavailable online), Jeans: Old Navy, Booties: Jessica Simpson (similar here from Sole Society)
Beanie: TJ Maxx (similar here), Cardigan (old, but similar here and here) and Jeans: Old Navy, Blouse: ZARA (last years, but I am LOVING this one), Booties: Jessica Simpson
Of course, we had to take a selfie before we left the driveway…
…and another when we arrived!
A little souvenir to document the Best. Night. Ever.
Let’s start from the beginning. My obsession with Fleetwood Mac started at a very early age. As in I’m pretty sure I was listening to it while still in my mothers womb. Gypsy, Dreams, Go Your Own Way, Sara, Rhiannon, The Chain. I could go on and on and on. The woman pictured with me above is my mom. She gets all the credit for my wonderful taste in music!
So one August afternoon while laying out, doing a little day drinking, and listening to my favorite Pandora station (Fleetwood Mac, le duh!), I decided to take to Google to see, if by the grace of God, they were coming to our area anytime soon. And well what-da-ya know, December 17, 2014 at Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia! I got so damn excited, I ran in the house like an anaconda was chasing me, called my mom until she answered (she was working in Dallas at the time), and demanded it be my Christmas present! After hours of research, she was able to find and purchase tickets! I didn’t cry when she gave me the good news. Ok, well maybe a little. Ok, I cried like a baby!
To say this was the best night ever would be an understatement. They were even better than I expected. We had awesome seats, it was a sold out show, and met some really awesome people. I totally felt, and still do, like I am the luckiest girl in the world! At my age (I’ve celebrated my 21st birthday 9 times. You do the math), not many people can say that they’ve seen a band this old with all of the original bandmates.
Happy Friday everyone! Cheers to the weekend!!!
xoxo- Jaime

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