photography by Jaimie Sweeten
Sunglasses: Ray- Ban, Baseball Tee: AEO (last seen here), Skirt: Express, Heels: Zara (old, but I’m obsessing over these and these), Lips: Stila Fiore

Ever have one of those ” AH HA! That’s it!” moments? Those seem to be the only ones I have anymore. I stay so busy here lately trying to find a balance between work, mommy duties, and trying to find time for a personal life and adult conversation that my brain seems to have the inconsistency of the Alabama weather.

Which brings me to discuss two things: this striped baseball tee and this “cupcake” skirt.

I’ve told y’all why you need this striped tee in your life, but if you’re a new follower, I’ll cut ‘ya some slack and tell ‘ya again. It’s soft, comfy, versatile, and plays well with florals, solids, and polka dots.

This skirt. It reminded me of when AC used to do pageants. It’s full, flirty, and sassy. Makes me think of a cupcake (glitz pageant dress skirts are called cupcake skirts), so clearly I needed it in my life!

I tried this skirt on 3 different times, in 3 different weeks, at 3 different Express stores before I purchased it, and that doesn’t include the online stalking I did.  Why? I’m 5′ tall, I’ve never been able to pull off anything high wasted or full.  I had it in my head that I could make it work (OK, I was determined to make it work), so I bought it and immediately ripped the tags off so that there was no going back.

The result?

A temper tantrum because “I have nothing to wear!” + a simple striped tee+ a cupcake skirt + a fabulous shoe= My “AH HA! That’s it!” moment.

Clearly, I panicked for no reason, as my high-strung self always does.



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