Grey and Blush|Getting Back To Then

This is my first outfit post in well over a year. I haven’t really been interested in documenting my outfits after a 35 pound weight gain. No one handles that well, but I handled mine by sleeping half the day and bitching the other half. I’m still almost 30 pounds from where I want to be and doing the least amount possible to rectify it, but theres nothing wrong with living on a prayer, right?
A few things I’m looking forward to in the new year are getting back to blogging regularly and making better life choices. The only resolution I made was to leave the negativity from 2017 behind me and get back to doing what makes me feel like my best self.
“You can’t get a new life. 
You have to fix the one you have.”
A few years ago I found what cleared my head the most was popping in my headphones and going for a run. Somedays just a quick jog around the block and others up to 4.5 miles. I loved the way it made me feel and it was the best my body had looked since high school. I honestly don’t know why I gave it up.
Around that time is when I really started putting myself out there with the blog. I truly loved it and I was proud of the hard work and dedication I was putting into it. I’m a pretty flighty person, so the fact that I found something that I truly loved and was excited to work on was crazy to me! I’ve never really had a passion or any interest in the same thing for too long and I was determined to keep it going. And then I lost my job…
I had been employed with the same company for nearly 12 years and they closed. I didn’t really have any marketable skills (don’t drop out of college, y’all), my rent was expensive and I was a single mom. I think it goes without saying that my disposable income became $0.00 and we had to live off of my savings account for a while. I took two part time jobs to make ends meet and keep my daughter’s lifestyle as close to what she was used to as I possibly could. Hindsight, it was probably the best opportunity to pour my entire self into the blog, but that’s scary and a huge risk, and I guess I wasn’t ready to fully invest in myself at that point. Plus, you know, I still needed a paycheck to eat.
Fast forward two years, and I guess one could best describe my life as just going through the motions, which is something I hate. I want to participate in it again, ya know? I want to be as happy as I was then. I want to be in the shape I was in then. So I guess you could say I’m going to try to spend 2018 getting back to then.

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